RESCUE in Missouri

In 2012, the Missouri legislature passed HB 1188. The resulting legislation, Section 167.635.1, allows schools to stock “undesignated” asthma rescue mediation. This allows school nurses and trained staff to administer medication to students that do not have a prescription on file or do not have their prescription with them.

HB 1188 emboldened AAFA St. Louis to launch the RESCUE program in the Greater St. Louis metro area. Since From 2012 – 2023, hundreds of schools in St. Louis and southern Illinois were equipped with free asthma medication and equipment.

Of the 120,000 children diagnosed in Missouri,
55% have asthma that is considered
“uncontrollable” or “unmanaged”.

In 2023, through the generous support of the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, we have launched the program statewide. Now every public K-12 school is eligible for life-saving medication, equipment, and training. Our goal is to support all children in Missouri who have uncontrolled asthma and may miss class due to an asthma attack. We assist schools in each step of the process, ensuring you can administer potentially life-saving treatments effectively.

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We’re excited to partner with your school and distribute asthma resources to every community across Missouri.

Submit Reports

We ask schools to submit regular reports about medicine and equipment usage so we can monitor RESCUE’s effectiveness.

Complete Training

Furthermore, we request all individuals who sign up for RESCUE to complete a training. Click here to access.

RESCUE is generously funded with a grant administered by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. This grant enables AAFA-STL to obtain community and school district-wide prescriptions, purchase asthma equipment, and train school officials.